Whether it’s for a birthday present, Christmas present, leaving present, congratulatory present, graduation present or any other kind of present, buying gifts for men just isn’t that easy, whatever the occasion. Whilst many women are somewhat easily pleased (or at least satisfied) with the typical offerings of flowers, perfume, jewellery and such like, many of those who have had to buy a gift for a male friend or relative will have realised how difficult it can be to find something that the recipient will be really pleased with and enjoy for years, but that will also score you some major points on the originality front.

There are, of course, a few presents that always crop up no matter what the occasion. You know the kind of thing we’re talking about here… a not-too-cheap but not-too-expensive bottle of wine that with a bit of luck they’ll like, but in reality will probably find its way straight to the wine rack, where it will remain, gathering dust, for the next couple of years. Then there’s the book/CD/DVD that they’ll have either already seen and  อัตราต่อรองบอล ufabet own a copy of and will be on e-bay quicker than you can say ‘happy birthday!’.

Aside from that, there’s always the standard ‘novelty item’, which, let’s face it, always seems like a brilliant and what’s more hilarious idea in the shop, but really no one ever actually finds that funny. That’s the problem with novelty items they’re sold (and bought!) under the misguided pretence that ‘novelty’ is actually a good thing, but when you think about it, it really isn’t. The world ‘novelty’ clearly implies that the item in question is going to be completely useless for any kind of practical use and at best will illicit one weak laugh before it’s generously donated to the local charity shop.

So how do you avoid these dodgy gifts and buy something that’s both original, a little bit special and that the man in question will actually like? Well, when faced with the task of finding a decent present for a fella, no matter what the occasion looking to his favourite sport or hobby for inspiration is a good place to start. Most men are an avid follower of one sport or another and so whether it is cricket, football, or formula one racing, buying a present which in some way appeals to their love of this sport is likely to go down well, like the personalised football book. At the very least it will almost definitely have more lasting success than a bottle of his least favourite red wine or a pair of novelty socks!