Sash window refers to the type of window that contains movable panels called sashes. These panels open and close by sliding up and down or swinging outward. You will commonly find these windows in older homes, especially those with Victorian or Georgian styles. Although these are exquisite and elegant, they are prone to deterioration. Wood, which is the common material used for this window type, absorbs moisture in the atmosphere. This means that it can rot, swell, shrink, or get distorted after some time. When this happens, you need to repair the window to make it go back to its top working condition.

First, you need to unscrew the moldings in the lower sash to pull it out. Remove the sash chains from both of the sides and tie them into a knot. Next, you take off the vertical strips that hold the upper sash. Pull out the upper sash. Remove also the chains from the upper sash.

Remove all the sash hardware. It is imperative that you place them in secured plastic bags so you don’t lose any important part. Don’t forget to label the bags accordingly so you don’t get confused when it’s time to return the window.

Now for the repair, set a heat gun with a nozzle shield to Double Glazing Sash Windows Thanet medium and then use it to soften the glaze compound on the window. Scrape away the glazing compound using a putty knife. Remove from the wood and slide the glass out. Label the glass with a temporary market to indicate which side goes where.

Clean loose sash joints. Remove rotten wood with the use of a rotary tool. Apply a coat of epoxy wood primer on the wood joints. Let the primer site for about 20 minutes. Mix together equal parts of epoxy wood filler with a plastic scraper. Spread the epoxy evenly until the joint is restored to its original shape. After the window has been repaired, you can reinstall the chains and the cords. Then put back the moldings to the right places.

Your job doesn’t end with repairing the windows. You also need to ensure that your windows are clean and dirt free at all times. Use natural cleaners to remove dirt and grime from the window surfaces. Don’t make use of cleaners that are abrasive or those that contain harsh chemicals as they can cause damage to your windows over time. Make sure too that before you clean the windows, you remove all the clutter in the window sills. Clutter makes it hard for you to clean the edges and corners of the window.

The screen pass has proven to be a very potent weapon in any offensive game plan. When used and executed right it can wreak havoc on the defense.

In this article we will define what is a screen pass, some different screen plays, when to us them and why.

What is a Screen Pass:

It is a play from the short passing game that is designed to look like a long vertical pass play. Teams line up the same way the do when they are throwing the ball down the field.

The quarterback drops back like in any regular pass play and the offensive linemen hold their blocks for up to two seconds before releasing and letting the pass rushers charge the QB. Its purpose is to trick the defense, reduce the number of pass defenders, have the offensive men blocking down field and burn the defense for big yards.

The targets would be the same as any vertical pass play, wide ทางเข้า ufabet receivers, tight ends and running backs.

Typical Screen Plays:

1. Conventional Screen: Typically this pass is thrown to the running back who positions himself between pass rushers and the offensive linemen blocking down field. The pass is thrown behind the line of scrimmage and the linemen can block down field taking out the linebackers and the receivers block the defensive backs.

2. Bubble Screen: The inception of this play is credited to former Montana Grizzly Coach Don Read and credit for its prominence goes to former Notre Dame Coach Lou Holtz who learned the play from Read and introduced it to Division 1 football.

The wide receivers are the targets for this play. They take one step off the line of scrimmage then head back towards the quarterback to receive the ball as the linemen block past them setting up the screen. This play is very effective against man to man coverages and zone defenses.

3. Quarterback Throw Back Screen: This play calls for the quarterback to either toss the ball to a running back or throw it to a wide receiver. Then the QB runs in the opposite direction will a wall linemen blocking in front of him with the running back or receiver passing the ball back to the quarterback. This play is also known as the “Blitz Breaker.” It is most effective against heavy blitzing defenses.

4. When to use the Screen Pass: This passing strategy can be used most anytime during a game and is very effective against teams that are blitzing a lot. Those teams are very vulnerable to the Quarterback Throw Back Pass while teams that are in man to man or zone are exposed to the Bubble and Jail Break Screen.

When the running game is stalling or the offense can’t consistently get going the screen pass is a way to get things going. It can make the defense play honest and give the quarterback more confidence such as how the Denver Broncos have done with Tim Tebow.

5. Why Use Screen Plays: 1. Spark a stalled running game 2. Slow down the pass rush 3. Beat the Blitz 4. Open up the vertical passing game 5. Exploit man to man and zone coverages.

In conclusion the screen pass should be part of every team’s offensive game plan. It makes defenses play more honest and have to take the strategy into account in their defensive game plan. It creates more ways to get your skill players into space with the ball and get big gains.

There are a lot of screen play coaching DVDs with dozens of screen plays. Use the links below and see which ones best fit your offense.…

A laser console is the most recent in projection innovation that remotely shows a virtual console frame onto a level surface, permitting you to type anyplace without any lines or massive gear. It is just a remote virtual console show addressing the actual equipment, which is projected on any surface that can permit level composing. This console is projected by a gadget the size of a PC mouse, onto a level surface that is non-intelligent. Such surface could be a table or work area, or even the divider. This makes the consoles movability extremely simple assignment. The gadget is material with Blackberries, iPhones, Androids and other Smart-telephones currently on the lookout.

Full Size Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard B/W - Eculture.Space

The laser consoles function as remote able gadgets by which lasers mirror a full QWERTY key on a superficial level utilizing as red diode laser. This kind of console includes neither switches nor mechanical moving parts. The gadget stands up on a rectangular base and others do it by the assistance of a stand. In the wake of situating the gadget, the following stage includes fueling it up and interfacing with the fundamental device, perhaps a Smartphone or PDA.

The association is met through USB link or Bluetooth remote innovation. The component where it works depends on the instrument of optical acknowledgment. This permits one to tap their information on the key pictures projected on a level surface sending the information to a word handling record, email or different projects that require composing. It additionally empowers creation of genuine tapping seems like the one on the typical consoles.

Amplifying your space for composing is the hot swap mechanical keyboard other advantage with these consoles. Typically, Smart-telephones, tablets or PDAs accompany contact consoles that are normally little in size. For individuals with fat fingers, it becomes uncomfortable composing through such little keys. The projected console offers greater keys that are practically the size of the typical PC console. Through such show, it turns into a simple undertaking for any individual to go their information through to the little gadgets applied in correspondence.

The upkeep of ethicalness consoles is straightforward making it one more extraordinary advantage on the clients side. Dissimilar to the typical console, this innovation utilizes no ropes or mobile parts. Such parts likewise add to massiveness which is dropped with the situation of consoles embracing the laser innovation. The parts on the opposite end endure harm if regardless water or other liquid spills on them. Uprightness consoles are never impacted by such hence making their support simple and straightforward as they additionally appear to be sans harm.

Laser consoles have carried with them many benefits. One of them is transportability since it is presently more straightforward to haul around a PC. The regular console is a lot heavier than the projection console. Besides, there are individuals who have huge fingers and for the most part find it challenging to type on telephones and tablets as a result of the little estimated screens and keypads. Composing has now been made simpler for them from anyplace in light of the fact that they simply have to utilize the laser console which extends the console into an ordinary size.

The main issue with such consoles is that they may be hard to utilize outside due to the trouble of seeing as a level surface. The UV light from the sun might make it harder to see the console. The other issue is reflection in light of the fact that practically all surfaces have some level of reflection. Work areas are evaporated and they at times will generally go about as mirrors. There has likewise been a concern that openness to Bluetooth and infrared beams could cause disease. This is yet to be experimentally demonstrated.…