Building Great Youth Football Teams by Copying the Best

One of the ways to get better as a coach is to study successful coaches. When I watch games on TV I like to carefully study how coaches coach. One coach that caught my eye last week was Kansas State’s Bill Snyder. Coach Snyder engineered one of the greatest turnarounds in College Football history at Kansas State. KSU has never had a winning program. Nestled in the prairie in a small town, difficult to get to, with horrific weather and no mountains/oceans/lake/scenery and very low population base, KSU doesn’t have much to work with. In the 14 seasons prior to Coach Snyder arriving in Manhattan, the team went 32-119-2. Coach Snyder’s teams went amazing 142-74 during his tenure and played in 11 Bowl Games, including the Fiesta Bowl.

What is most interesting about Coach Snyder is his attention to detail and to the process of making teams better. He doesn’t confuse end results to making sure the team is perfecting base fundamental football and playing to full potential. This couldn’t have been more evident than in last weeks thrashing of Kansas on ESPN. It was 4th down and 5 and KU was on the KSU 48 yard line. KSU had its punt ยูฟ่าเบท return team in, but KU at the last moment went into a base formation and ran a play. Coach Snyder was visibly upset that his team did not align properly on the KU offense, as 2 players subbed in late. The end result of the play was the KU back fumbled and KSU ran it back for a touchdown. Many coaches would have been happy with the end result, Coach Snyder was not. Even after the score, he got with the 4 mixed up players and the assistant coach and did some “intensive coaching” while KSU aligned to kick the PAT.

If we as youth football coaches allow poor fundamentals and less than stellar play to continue, just because the end result was positive, we reinforce poor play. Nothing is worse than having a player do something incorrectly and have a positive end result. The player now thinks doing things “his way” is acceptable. Not all touchdowns or great defensive plays are “good plays.” The opposition could be aligned wrong or made a bad play. To become a great team, you have to play like you are playing against your best imaginary opponent every week. If your standard is just beating whatever team you are playing, you run the risk of playing to their level and not improving. However if your standard is the best imaginary team, your team will get better every week AND you will be prepared for any monster team that shows up on your schedule.

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While most of us coaching youth football are finished with our seasons, there are still a number of teams out there still competing. For some teams their goal is a league championship, for others it is a Pop Warner National Championship in Orlando, or for unlimited teams the NYFC tournament in Daytona or the AYFL Championships in Florida. No matter what tournaments you are playing in or distance you are traveling, the common thread is you are very deep into your seasons. For some of you your season won’t end until mid December.

Dealing With Player Fatigue

I have coached teams this late into the year and it is quite a challenge, more so if you are coaching north of the Mason-Dixon and have to deal with the cold weather. But regardless of weather, anyone practicing this late in the season has to deal with player fatigue. This is both physical and mental fatigue with the more dangerous culprit being mental fatigue. While we all get caught up in the thrill of packing up and going to far away places and playing teams from other areas of the country we know nothing about, many youth football players just get worn out at this time of year. For many of us we have been practicing for 4+ months and for most teams that have made it this far, you have won some emotionally draining games. Heck I even heard from one coach whose team was on the path for a Pop Warner National Title that his kids were “fried” after winning their first 12 games. He wasn’t sure how he was going to keep them up for 4 more games if they made it to the title game.

How do you keep your kids enthused at this late date?

Limit practice time to 60-75 minutes. Keep the pace up but the duration low.

Reduce full contact to 10 minutes per practice, consider  www.ufabet  doing a no-pads practice once per week. Let the kids know they will only be hitting for 10 minutes so they know there is a known end point, but they need to go full bore that 10 minutes,

It’s time to add back in 10 minutes of “game time” back into your practices at the end. Games like deer hunter, towel game, slam dunk and rabbit chases from the book are great and keep the kids conditioning up without “running” them.

Loosen the kids up a bit with games like this as well as “situational” games. We like to set up a PAT kick. If the kicker makes it, practice is over, if not we go another 10 minutes of running base plays on air or covering kicks. You can do the same on passing drills, if X completes 10 passes in a row, the kids get a water break and the coaches run a lap.

Run defensive recognition against odd offenses you may see at the tournaments or even “one trick ponies” like the Polecat or Swinging Gate.

Cross train players, if you play in places like Daytona you may play 3 games in 3 days.